"Not a Grasshopper file" Shapediver error when using disentangled cluster


in the attachment below I share a file where I think I pinpointed a bug in ShapeDiver. The file is very simple - it contains a cluster that was disentangled from a different one and then changed. All it does not is to move the geometry in Z direction:

SD error cluster RENDER.gh (10.2 KB)

When I try to upload the file to ShapeDiver, I get this error:

After some investigation I tried exploding the cluster and creating it again and then it started working. However it took me some time to find so I am sending this topic to you to check what got wrong with the previous file and improve it, if possible.

The “fixed” file is here.
SD error cluster RENDER2.gh (9.5 KB)

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The first version of your cluster contains a custom icon, different from the default cluster icon. This must create a different structure in the gh file that our model checking algorithm fails to recognize.

Thanks for reporting this issue, and this is something our team will look at, albeit with low priority as it is an edge case with an easy workaround (keep working with the default icon).

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