"Not a grasshopper file" error while uploading the model

I’ve been trying to upload a new model but I get this message. Any clues?


ShapeDiver currently supports only .gh or .ghx formats so let’s start with the obvious question. Are you uploading Grasshopper models?

If so please post a minimal version of your Grasshopper definition so that we can help you identify the issue.

Yes, I’m uploading a .gh file.

I’m happy to send the file for you to try to upload it as it has python script so you’d need to check it anyway.

OK I figured out what was wrong.
Python script can not have code input…that’s what messes up shapediver upload proccess.
This is what’s triggers “Not a Grasshopper file” error


I was about to get back to you with the same answer. You will need to internalize the code in the component.