Noob Question - Draped Ring

Need some help with the process and tools to use in creating a “draped ring” of aluminum sheet. I expect its simple but still new to Rhino and uncertain if the distortion is best done in planar or solid mode. <a class=“attachment”

href=“”>drapedRing.3dm (184.0 KB)

Not sure what you mean by “mode”. Is this a concept you’ve encountered in other software? In Rhino a solid is simply a closed (poly)surface, and is defined by its surface(s).

Two approaches if you want a solid:

  • Create a single surface with the desired shape, and then use OffsetSrf to create a solid.
  • Create the solid directly using an extrusion or sweep command.

Several different ways to create “distorted”/warped surfaces and solids:

  • Create curves with the desired shape, and then create the surface/solid using those curves.
  • Create a planar surface and alter its shape by moving control points.
  • Use BoxEdit

I cannot open your attachment.

Thanks for the pointers David. I’ll read up on moving control points.
Not sure about the attachment. Try again here.
Ring.3dm (29.0 KB)

I would use _CageEdit

You can always use the bend command too… It’s an easy way to mess around until you get what you want.

It always pays to rebuild surfaces and curves after using certain commands though, to keep it clean.

I concur with Arnaud’s recommendation of using CageEdit. Note that CageEdit can use surfaces, curves and other objects as the control object, not just simple solids.

Generally you want to reduce the number of control points which need to be moved to the minimum possible, and CageEdit is a great tool for doing so.

Bend looks good also.

Thanks Arnaud - I’m now learning about cageEdit.

David, would you consider sending me the .3dm file for what you modeled? It is a potato chip form?

Luckily I still had the file open, here you go: Ring.3dm (107.0 KB)

You might want to copy the face border and rebuild the curves with fewer and more equally spaced points then sweep with 2x rails etc to rebuild the surface.



Thanks Andy - Most helpful!