Beginner/muppet help!

Hi I am new to Rhino and new to Forums!

I have been trying to create a simple ring in Rhino but when I export the file as an .stl it seems to be filling in the centre making it more like a coin than a ring. The ring looks very ring like even the thumbnail is ok but when it is imported to Shapeways the centre is solid.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?!

Big thanks in advance,

Nicolaouter ring2.stl (50.2 KB)

You have an orphan surface in the model. Select the main ring and hide it and you’ll see a surface that’s not attached to anything. That might be causing the problem.


Amazing. Thank you Dennis! I didn’t know how to hide the ring so just moved it and there were all sorts of lines underneath! Frustratingly I’m just going for it with the trial software but I haven’t understood how the software ‘thinks’ yet and can’t find a class in Scotland! So i’m sure I will be posting again!

Thanks again,


Try Rhino 5 Essential training on You can get a 30 day free trial. The instructor, Dave Schultze hangs out here on the Rhino forum as well. Good luck.


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HI @Nicola3,

Here is good place to get some “getting started” help.

– Dale