Construct Ring Body

Hi guys!
I started using rhino this year in January and I am trying to do this ring as a practice. Someone told me that I should work the body of the ring with surface. But I cant manage to make it smooth with less line or in 1 surface.
The surface needs to have a thickness of 1mm later on that why when I have too many surface or lines it doesn’t work for the offset surface.

Can you suggest me a way to make it better? How would you tackle to make the ring?

Thank you

Help.3dm (4.0 MB)

This is a pretty easy shape to achieve by using Loft with the “Loose” option. The seam must be set to “Natural”. All the input curves must have exactly the same degree and control point count. History-enabled curves will let you modify the lofted surface at any time subsequently.
Here is a tutorial:
Ring tutorial 1.3dm (3.9 MB)


Thank you!! Will check more of your content on YouTube :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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You have way too many controlpoints in your surfaces.
Keep your curves clean, lean and consistent and then build surfaces from there with minimum amount of control points.
You can see this strategy in almost all of @Rhino_Bulgaria s videos.

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Exactly, that’s the key to build nice and clean surfaces. Especially if the intent is to be able to modify them subsequently.
For this type of rings it’s enough to a deformable circle with 8 control points, as seen in my video tutorial.