Non-Uniform Surface - Equal Subdivide Issue

Hello GH Community,

I am looking for help in dividing a non uniform surface into equal panels.

The original surface was generated from a base curve (non-uniform) and then extruded.
I used MergeSrf in Rhino to merge the segments (3 of them) into one surface.

Using the merged surface as my base surface in GH, I have tried to divide the surface into 4 panels. Upon inspecting the dimensions of each panel I see one panel is longer than the other.

Can anyone help me understand what is going on for this result this way - I am assuming it has to do with the fact that the base curve and surface is non uniform?

Can anyone provide any assistance in a workaround to result in equal sized panels?

Thanks for your help

non uniform surface panel (12.7 KB)

there are engineering papers on this issue. I don’t even fully understand all of them. But I think you may wanna define equal panels. Is it equal bottom edge length? Is it equal edge length on top and bottom edge? Is it equal vertex to vertex distance horizontally?

I also suggest looking into Paneling Tools in Rhino/GH

Hi Will,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I am looking for four equal panels, equal lengths at both the top and bottom edges, equal sides on both left and right edges. I plan to apply a perforation to these and ultimately unroll them to CNC cut.

I will look into Panelling Tools. Thanks for your time.

One of the problems is discontinuities on the top and bottom edges of your surface. This solution gets the separate curves that form the bottom edge, joins them and gets the midpoint, then obtains the ‘uvP’ coordinate using ‘Srf CP’ before ‘Iso (Iso Curve)’ and ‘SrfSplit’.

non uniform surface panel (30.7 KB)

Thank you Joseph!