HELP! Divide the surface evenly

Hello everyone,
In the system I created, I divided the surface in equal dimensions on the plan plane. But what I want is to divide it into equal distances on the surface. I tried to express this in Appendix 1 (the y measure should be evenly spaced). Please help me.

Can you post your Gh file internalized?


I hope you can help

2.3dm (505.9 KB) (14.4 KB)

if you just join and extrude the boundary edges of the surface you’ll notice the end-points of the single edges already create different surfaces

you can apply further divisions to the boundary curve, it will look like the following, but each “panel” will be made of multiple trimmed surfaces joined together:

if you are happy with that, then here it is :slight_smile: (21.6 KB)

if you want each panel to be a single independent surface, I think the best way might be to rebuild the edge curve after joining the small edges together, and then divide it: (23.3 KB)

important note: by rebuilding the curve the panels will -of course- somehow lose contact with the original surface edge, depending on how many points you use it can approximate that curve better, but it will just not be the same (this means very close but not the same, not watertight with the original surface, bla bla bla…) :slight_smile: