Non-uniform knots? unrollsrf

than unroll to check.
one surface responds as I expect - creating a perfect circle.

the other surface deforms the circle.

I don’t know what the difference is or how to correct the one that isn’t responding properly
any help? thank you…

Help.3dm (102.7 KB)

Hi John- for this process, UnrollSrfUV is better- it maintains the UV structure of the original in the unrolled thing- so you’ll see the distortion in CreateUVCrv and then it will go away in ApplyCrv. UnrollSrfUV is actually the old version of UnrollSrf, renamed, and added back in to V5 for this process to work more reliably again (UnrollSrf is not really designed for this, it just happened to work well in V4) . I’d forgotten that earlier when outlining this workflow.


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Thank you for clearing that up. I was trying to figure out what was different about the two surfaces. This seems to be working.

Thanks again.