Decals on transparent materials

On the left is a gray decal on opaque plastic. On the right is on transparent plastic. Is there a setting I’m missing to make the decal opaque on a transparent material?

There currently is not a setting with which to control that. There is an old YouTrack issue for that RH-29010 Transparency and decals . It isn’t readable to public, but has to do with this issue.

I’ve added this thread to the issue for the record.

It could be great, if decals would be handled like decals at the real world - a sticker is an opaque label on the material behind. It could work in “plastic label” mode per default, in the next step it would be nice to get a global option where can be controlled, how decals are handled.

For example a wine bottle with a label should be easy done per default.

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It looks like decals may get some love like this in Rhino 8.


Totally agree.

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