No textures in model on Rhino Mac French

Hello there

I’m using the latest version of Rhino for mac in French (trial).
When I try to add a texture from the library, I press the + sign in the material tab, select import from library and then pick a texture in my finder. Then I have either one of these 2 problems:

#1 Error message saying (I’m translating from french) : impossible to open file content from file, and then a second error message saying 'rmtl type files cannot be loaded as content"
#2 when it does load, the texture info show up in the material tab, but it is not added to my “model texture library”. I found a workaround by displaying a preview window, and from there drag/dropping the texture to my object. But even then, the texture is applied to my object but still doesn’t show in my model texture library (which still says “this model contains no texture for the moment. Click on the + sign to add one”).

Any clue?


Sorry for the delayed reply.

It sounds like this bug:

RH-55137 Render Contents inaccessible on macOS Catalina

which we recently fixed in a Service Release Candidate for 6.19. Are you running macOS Catalina?

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