Cant draw where i want to


Im trying to make a model for a school project in rhino for windows, I got most of it done, but now all of a sudden when I try to create a surface, line, box or extrusion, the points that I want to select on the model, wont get selected, but instead random point below my model are chosen. my guess is that it must be an osnap issue but I’m not sure, I’m still new to the software.

any ideas? thanks

If it’s O-snap, a tooltip will appear that says what it’s snapping to. More likely, you’ve somehow turned on the gridsnap option without noticing, so it’s snapping to whole-unit locations on the x and y axes.

Hi Marc - see if ‘Project’ is set on the OSnap toolbar. You can look for the check box, or use the ‘ProjectOsnap’ command. Does that do it?


I got it!
In the options menu, under modeling aids, I had ‘Project object snaps to Cplane’ and ‘grid snap on’ activated. After turning those two off, it went back to normal.
Thanks for the help!