No preview geometry in Family Environment, buttons greyed out

Hi. As the title states, GH Preview Geometry does not seem to be working when on Revit’s Family Environment, and the corresponding buttons are completely greyed out on the menu. I think it was working previously, although I can’t swear on it. Is there a way to get it to work again? Thanks.

Hi @lukabergs,

I can confirm you that this never worked, the API we use to display previews on Revit viewport does not work on family viewports.

Hi @kike,

Thank you, and sorry for my mistake. I probably got confused because a few of the scripts I tested previously were meant to work both on the Project and Family environments, such as the “Reference Plane By Lines”, and I remember being able to preview stuff on that one. But, just like you mention, that was on the Project environment.

Is there a possibility for the preview geometry to work on the Family environment in the future, or is it a feature that goes beyond what Rhino Inside is meant to do?

Thank you again!

Is not impossible, but enabling this would mean a partial rearchitecture of RiR preview system.

Also the workaround I have in mind would be less performant than the current one.
So we would end up with an hybrid system that behaves differently in Project and Family viewports.

Meanwhile, you can use this hack to see your geometry on top of Revit Geometry in a Family document. (16.0 KB)

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Nice! Thank you so much!