Geometry preview on different level

Hey guys. When i map a curve from Rhino to GH i get the geometry preview in Revit on a default level, the ground floor. Is it possible to change preview to a different level, like on the first floor ?


The preview is going to be based on location (your curve in Rhino) and the Revit views cut plane/crop.

In this case it sounds like you want your curve higher.

Here is a Gh defintion that will name all Surfaces the Level Name and put on layer Level – requires Elefront Plugin. The idea being in this case you can SetPt on your curve to the correct level, or set a level as a Cplane to work with project snap on. (16.5 KB)

Oh that’s perfect. I didn’t realized that the level’s i revit responding the z value of the geometry in rhino. So i just moved my rhino geometry to the hight i needed it and it was visible on my revit level. Thank u very much