No output geometry was found for default parameter values/ Shapediver

I’m kenil savaliya. I’m an architect. I have been trying to upload my grasshopper definition to the shapediver platform, but it’s showing error “No output geometry was found for default parameter values”

I attached both rhinoceros and grasshopper files.

Could you check my files and revert me back, please.

Thank you.
Kenil Savaliya.
015 Individual (95.9 KB)

The groups of geometry as input for the SDDisplayGeometry component trigger the error. This is a current limitation of the system and it will be fixed soon but for now please ungroup all geometry before feeding to the display component and upload your model again.

That’s wipe out some of my geometry.
I attached the grasshopper file and some pictures.

shape (217.8 KB)

There are still some nested groups in your model that don’t get ungrouped. Quick and dirty solution is just to add another Ungroup component but I would recommend to review the logic of your definition and reconsider the need for nested groups.