Python Component in Grasshopper does not load

Hey all,

I installed the Python component for the Grasshopper according to the instruction. However, it is not visible in components tab. Did anybody have similar problem ?


Before being able to answer this with any degree of certainty I have to ask some stupid questions for some back ground knowledge.

Are you running Rhino 5?
What Service Release are you running?
What version of GH are you running?
What Version of the GHPython are you trying to install?

Hey Danny,

Yes, I am using Rhino 5.
Service Release from 2014-3-5 (Latest)
GH Version: 0.9.0075 (Latest)
GHPython installed:


Solved the problem. The file was “locked” by Windows. So it was enough to unlock it.

apologies for not replying sooner but I was away last week and was hoping someone else would step in.

Glad you found the solution

Hey, it’s not a problem. Nevertheless, thank you for your concern.