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Hey gents / gals -
I’m revisiting a project that I sought help for on this form several months ago and as I dive back in, feel that I have made some good headway.

Once thing that is puzzling me is getting the NetworkSurface command to fill in the blanks in my model. I split the model into two halves and applied a network surface to the outer perimeter (recurve area), doing each half at a time. I then proceeded to fill in the main sections of the guitar back but no matter what order I click on my iso-curves, I can’t seem to close this up.

I’ve included the file as well, should it be helpful. I really appreciate any help / guidance.

Thanks in advance,
MikeBack_Recurve-TEST-JAN2020-V2.3dm (3.8 MB)

The endpoints of your input curves and some of the edges do not match. Thus it will be difficult to join surfaces created with these curves no matter how you create the surfaces.

You can use the command _EdgeSrf and select 3 surface edges to close the holes. I did it on the right side. It’s not perfect

Back_Recurve-TEST-JAN2020-V2.3dm (659.4 KB)

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Hi, have you looked at Learn ? There is a five part video of a guitar build . Perhaps not to the exact styling of your guitar, but some parts may help. Also there is another webinar on Novedge back in mid last year where a guitar is being built. —-Mark


@markintheozarks Seems to be typo in your link; I think you meant here:


Thanks Martin -
I thought I was careful in terms of making the endpoints of my curves meet the outer perimeter shape using the ‘extend curve’ function. Is there a function to double check the model as a whole for curves / edges that aren’t matching prior to surfacing?

Do you think if the above issues were sorted, I’d be able to create a curve network in four operations (i.e. one curve network for each half of the recurve and one curve network for each half of the back’s centre region)?

Thanks @Fred_C and @markintheozarks - that looks like a great walk-thru. I’ll definitely check out that tutorial.

In the interim, I’d love to quickly resolve the current model but maybe that’s asking to run before I walk. Ideally, I’d like to get this dish carved during the day and then hit more tutorials such as the guitar link you provided / backtrack a bit during the evenings.

If you have any insight on how to address the broken network (as per my reply to Martin), that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, gents.

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I think I see the error now. On some of the curve end-points where it should meet the first perimeter line (inboard) where the recurve starts, the lines weren’t intersecting.

I’ve addressed the lower right ‘quadrant’ and was then able to apply the ‘curve network’ to the right side in one operation. I can only assume the same issues exist in the other problematic areas. I’ll report back when I get this sorted.

Thanks guys.

Update -
I’ve run into a strange spot as seen in the screenshot. Is there a way to smooth / manipulate region?

Also - had a look at the guitar tutorial. I appreciate the free lessons but it’s unfortunate there’s no audio / verbal ‘walk-thru’. Also, the image files don’t download with the link. I’ll have to revisit that as I improve - perhaps it will make more sense.

Hello- another way to think about how to structure the surfaces in this type of shape:



Hi Pascal -
Could I trouble you to shed some light on how to apply this to my model? A step-by-step would be extremely helpful. I think I’m good apart from that one section in the cutaway… completely at a loss as to how to fix that.