No Geometry in Keyshot

Tried to render in keyshot.
Error in opening/importing the file. Says there is “no geometry in the file. Be sure to save shaded”

I think the problem stems from me not using a template. Instead the default rhino window that is available when you open rhino?

Ok well I figured it out a bit more.
The original file is in mac osx. I open it on Rhino 5 PC and it only shows one layer (everything is still there).
Try it in keyshot with no geometry.

You need to change one of your viewports to Shaded mode (View > Shaded in the Mac application menu), and then save your model.

Changing a viewport to Shaded has the side effect of creating meshes of everything in your model. Keyshot is looking for meshes in your file and cannot use the NURBS curves and surfaces that Rhino uses.

Sorry… should have mentioned that I did have it saved with everything shaded.
I think I’m going to explode the solids and rejoin them to ‘recreate’ the solid.

I am having the same problem. It seems to not like the cylinder tool and doesn’t import any cylindrical shapes that i had in my rhino setup. Will this be resolved?


Rhino has a light weight geometry type called an extrusion that does not have a mesh. Cylinders by default are created as extrusions and so do not have a mesh.

If you need meshes for your cylinders, select a cylinder, run Explode then Join to convert it to a closed polysurface. The polysurface will have meshes that Keyshot can see.

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Great! Thanks