Keyschot sees no geometry


I am asking for help on the following topic:
I started use Ghino7. After importing my model to Keyschot, on Keyschot page shows that the file has no geometry. When I import the same file from Rhino5, everything is ok. It doesn’t matter if I save the model as render or shaded, all the time it is the same. Please let me know how I can solve this problem.

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Looking at the Keyshot website Supported File Formats - Keyshot Manual
It appears that KeyShot supports Rhino7 files from version 10.1 and up
What version of Keyshot do you have?
You could always resort to exporting to RhinoV5 or RhinoV6 files.

Keyschot 10

So only up to RhinoV6 is supported:

It’s ok now, I downloaded the last update and it loads files. Thank you and best regards.