No directional arrows come up

Hey I am trying to run a sweep command with the two closed curves. one on top and one on the bottom but there are no directional arrows that pop up.
channel.3dm (3.7 MB)

I’m not clear which shapes you are using as your rails, and which is your sweep shape. Also not clear if you are using sweep1 or sweep2. In all cases, though, the problem is probably that your shape at the top of the ring is not closed.

thanks for your reply, my sweep shape is the circle and my rails are the curve on the top and the curve on the bottom. I am also using sweep 1. I joined the curve at the top so I believe it is closed but how can I make sure

SelOpenCrv will show you which are open.

You may also want to make them planar by using SetPt.

yes it seems that the top curve was open. I am trying to figure out how to properly close it.

rather than doing it in one go, I would make matching pairs, see attached
channel_split.3dm (319.6 KB)

You can close a curve using Connect or Extent. There’s a visible gap - sometimes it’s useful to use Crvstart to mark the ends of the curve so that you can know where to look for open areas.