Flip Question

Hi Everybody,

I m trying to optimize and streamline my workflow doing some mundane task and I find myself wondering:

What am I doing wrong to get a twisted shape when I Flip the cross sections of a simple sweep2 rail operation?

Can anybody provide some feedback?

Hi Yianni- can you post a file with those curves? What you show for the direction arrows looks correct, if you flip one, I would expect the bad result…?


Hello Pascal,

The arrows are pointing the right way but the resulting surface points inwards. I want it to point outwards, so naturally, I flip the direction of both sections. That’s when I get the twist.
I want to flip surface direction without breaking history, what’s the right way to do it?

flip.3dm (99.4 KB)

Hi Yianni - So far I do not see a problem with these curves - if the arrows correspond, I get the expected result from Sweep2.


Hi Pascal,

The arrows correspond and the surface is valid.
I just want the Srf direction to point the other way.
How do I accomplish this without breaking history?

I hope you don’t tell me to edit (CrvSeam) the input Crvs before I run the command.

OK - I was reading the ‘flip’ in your comments as the part of the Sweep2 command line interface that lets you flip the curves. That is how I’d do it.


So to get it straight, you would:
A: Run the command
B: see the result is opposite of what want
C: Undo
D: Run the command again and flip the arrows (mid command), becasue you now know this will yeild the reult you require.
Is this how you would do it?