Fillet Edges Issue

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I hope anyone can help me out on finding solutions or an answer for the issue I am having right now…

I would like to fillet the highlighted edges with 1/4" or 1/8" radius. But it gives me errors that make my geometry open polysurface or break the form. I have tried “fillet edge” and “blend edge” but neither seemed to work for me…

See the attached image and file.

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Hello- try MergeAllCoplanarFaces first. Does that help?


if MergeAllCoplanarFaces doen not help
please post the rhino/3dm file.
you may also want to check the Surfaces Seams of the cylinders (better results if they point away from any corner as fare as possible. (_extractSrf _untrimAll _srfSeam or _rotate, -> _trim _join)

20220302_Fillet Edge Model.3dm (174.2 KB)
Hi @Tom_P , MergeAllCoplanarFaces didn’t work unfotunately…
Please see the attached.

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Hello - the file units are in feet and the tolerance is .01, I would change that to .001.

In addition and probably the real problem, the vertical cylinder has its seam right on the seam between the two halves of the horizontal one - as Tom suggested.

I would make that seam inside the volume of the part where it will be removed by trimming or Boolean operation, and make the horizontal part from a single surface.



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Thanks very much for the tip! It worked out!! Much appreciated.