Problem filleting in Rhino

Hello. I’m using rhino and know I have a problem over filleting. When I fillet complicated surfaces, I expect the surfaces to be reformed and the edge becomes soft. but even though the fillet appears, the surfaces don’t get reformed by the fillet.
Thanks for help.

Can you post the 3dm please before and after FilletEdge?

The main rule to follow with fillets is to work from largest to smallest radii. If a new fillet will intersect an existing one, it will need to be a smaller radius in order to trim and join.

Thanks for your attention. I this error appears because I use a fillet in the curve before fillet surface. But I don’t know how to solve it. also I have a problem that the lateral surfaces don’t merge in the fillet.Before.3dm (17.8 KB)
After.3dm (54.0 KB)

Hi Milad - see the attached - is that what you need?
Before&After.3dm (174.8 KB)


Oh yes! Thanks, But how?