Newbie advice required! Lofting a wingtip

I’ve worked my way through the Rhino tutorials but am at “first steps” level with drawing anything myself.

My interest is in drawing wings and making wing moulds, and I’ve started drawing my first wing shape. (attached). I took an airfoil and modified the bottom curve but didn’t realize I’d lost the planar alignment of the bottom curve until I was well advanced (aaargh). The process of copying and moving, scaling, and rotating to align with the fixed thickness trailing edge at various points on the elliptical curve took ages so I decided to press on despite the shape error, just for the sake of the exercise.

I couldn’t get it to loft as it says that “some but not all of the curve end points touch” so I used a rail 2 sweep to get the surfaces, and I think it worked really well.

But I stopped the sweep just short of the wingtip. I thought I’d be able to loft the small tip, but I can’t get it to work. I get the same message about “some but not all of the curve end points touch”. I’ve tried rail sweeps but it leads to a marked change in surface curvature.

Can anyone give me advice on how they would shape the tip so it matches the main surface but rounds out at the tip?


AVB01 wing 1.3dm(485.2 KB)

see sweep2
see attached.
AVB01 wing 1.3dm(602.3 KB)

It looks fantastic, but how did you do it??

I did a long and tedious method, making section curves and then making control point curves from those to the edge. Then using those curves for a Rail 2 sweep, in several stages. Messy but it worked, but not as nice and as simple as yours.

Another problem is that I realized there’s a surface irregularity on the top, near the leading edge, where the straight section meets the elliptical curved edge.

How would you recommend repairing the surface irregularity??

AndrewAVB01 wing 1.3dm(845.8 KB)