Can anybody help me with this product

Hello everbody,

I need to make a product with wings on it.
Same like the 3dm file. Can anybody tell me what the best(simple) way is to make the wings on the product?

product.3dm (886.3 KB)


Could you please give us some more information?
Best would be a sketch of the resulting shape you want to get at the end.
There’s lot a different construction depending on the result, one’s could be easier for certain task but not for other.

As general rules I would like to create the shape of the wing first, taking care of the transition between the 2 shapes later.


Hi Skysurfer,

Thanks for your reply. The image below is what I want to make at the end.

The 3D file is exactly what I need, but I want to make it as a command.
I know how I can make the basic shape. But I just stuck with the wings. Because they start with a rounding en than ends in a peak(point). Is it better to make some single lines and than mak them round with loft?


Try to explode the model you have.

Looking at it you can see that the “wing” are made in 3 pieces. All of them are made using a Sweep2R command, but the last part it use a point as a terminal section.
Yes a point! That’s the trick .

See if this help you.