Boomerang plane/wing

Hi there,

im pretty new to 3D Modeling and all new to Rhino.
My first “Project” to figure me a little in, is a Boomerang that i created in 2D in Illustrator. I managed to extrude em in a 4mm solid body and now i look pretty desperately to work out the profiles aka wings. It shouldn´t be that difficult to get the side is going thinner.
Does someone understand what i mean and might give me a hint or a tutorial in that way?

Im sorry but i don´t know the words in 3D, nor in english while me girlfriend is babbling in the Background. :slight_smile:

Best wishes and thanks in advance

Hi Andy - best to post your curves here , someone will take a look.


Hi Pascal,

i don’t know yet how to export best for the forum, i can’t see a png export option or so.
But t
is is the template i work with.
And this is the model that i tried to draw until here.
Bumerang2.3dm (3.1 MB)
Hopefully someone know´s what i mean :slight_smile: Oh, the Result is not that important, i do that to understand the technic btw.

best andy

Hi jabber,
here is my (not perfect) version of the drawing.
I hope this helps.
boomerang.3dm (5.7 MB)

Hi ED77,
it looks great great, thank you!
It´s exactly where i wanna land, but what is missing for me is, how you did that.



Can really no-one tell me? Or give me a hint to a tutorial that works with those technics?

Maybe use the ‘sweep 2 rail’ command will achieve the results you want, your curves aren’t as smooth as they should be either, this will affect the result when creating a surface