Newb question


I’m just getting into this for my business. I’m looking for some help regarding a ring. I want to be able to change the ring size for this ring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. File was created with Solidworks. I do have both Rhino and Solidworks.

Thanks for your time.

Davidblog Ring.SLDPRT (7.2 MB)

i wonder, why would you create it in Solidworks (which you also have) trying to change it in Rhino? that does not make any sense whatsoever…

i believe changing the diameter in solidworks is a matter of a few clicks away since all the parameters are hooked up, but i am just speculating since i dont know anything about it.

changing this kind of complex geometry with tons of fillets without any parameters connected is unfortunately not possible without entirely reworking it in rhino.

changing the entire size of the ring is of course easy, but i doubt that is what you are after.

You might be able to get away with using _Scale2D from Top view.

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t create it, I found it. Just trying to figure the best way to augment it.

Thanks Again,

Thanks for the reply Ryan. I look into your suggestion.


however, solidworks is entirely different to Rhino. since you have a solidworks file, i would consider opening it up there and see if you have the parameter tree available, changing it then could probably work with less efforts and more sufficient than changing the finished surfaces in rhino.