New Year’s Day message

Hello everyone,

In years past, my tradition was to post the newsgroup statistics for the past year on New Year’s Day (one day late this year…). The newsgroup no longer exists – many people reading here may even wonder what I’m talking about – and I don’t have access to any meaningful yearly stats for Discourse anyway.

Both of the above are actually good things IMO… Not having to do stats means less work for me… :smile: But most importantly, this Discourse community now encompasses a far larger world than the newsgroup ever did, while at the same time retaining its characteristic of being friendly, small-town kind of place – filled with the most helpful, kind and interesting people on the planet (OK, I’m biased).

It’s still hard to put my feelings about this community into words. It is at the same time my main work
resource, my “go to” place for learning and my social network… As it’s something I often neglect to put in print daily, I would like to take the opportunity now to say a huge thanks to everyone who contributes here, especially the “regulars” here who post copiously and beautifully, helping out hundreds of others with their knowledge and time.

And of course, I also want to thank all @McNeel for both creating an extraordinary program and for fostering this community with their attention and dedication to us, the users. Thank you all for creating what is far more than just a piece of CAD software, but a whole constellation of interconnected stars whizzing about doing amazing things!

2015 promises to be an interesting year for the Rhino world with the arrival of Mac Rhino and the development of V6… So, my best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, and productive year 2015! See you around the forum!



Well stated Mitch… a great 2015 to all ! ! :sunglasses:

[Well … sort of …][1]
[1]: I like this message


Happy new year !

Better late than never…
:fireworks: Happy New Year! :fireworks:

Thanks for all the help and patience explaining things to me :smiley: Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Well said Mitch, a big thank to you for your important contribution into keeping this place such a nice one.
Happy new year to everybody!