Happy New Year

Hi all - it looks like it is time once again to say thanks to everyone participating in this forum, which, I can’t help but notice has become truly vast compared to the old newsgroup days.Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, complaints, bug reports, example files, learned and helpful question answering, covering the Seattle night-time hours (you know who you are!) and input of all kinds. And thanks also for your continued civility on the forum, that makes a huge difference not just in the effectiveness of the exchanges, it also makes it a pleasure to be here.

So - thanks and Happy New Year everyone- carry on!



Hi Pascal, Happy New Year to you, thanks for all the help through the past year. — Mark

Hi Pascal, All,
Wishing you and the family and all of McNeel a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
Thanks for all the hard work, help and effort you all do to make Rhino so amazing and enjoyable to use.

Thank you, Happy New Year to all.