New VR RT render plugin - Enscape3D

Take a look at EEVEE in blender. I’m sure you’ll like the licensing and price :wink:


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EEVEE … impressive render engine and good to see there is a competitor.

For the Enscape license system - I think for a pro user it’s not bad, also for semi-pro users. So, I could use the demo mode all days and if needed I could buy a license for 45,-€ for a month. Not bad at all. And the tool is very powerful.

What I learned is that this screen space render tools are not full render engines to complete replace engines like Vray or Octane. So, the possible materials and render effects are limited. For example at clear mirrors the room is shown without a GI calculation. For some high end scene I couldn’t accept it. So, it’s good to learn the limitations. But within this limits impressive result can be reached.

Attached some test results per Enscape (I did a quick setup of some old projects only).


@nathanletwory anything after the cycles for rhino roadmap in this direction? i think this combined with the Game Like Walkthrough as discussed would be terrific.

Enscape is powerful also because it can create an image in one click. All the settings are done. It works inside Sketchup or Rhino or Revit.

To use something like EEVEE would mean to constantly export the model into blender and tune the scene. Not exactly a solution when it comes to fast concept design.

So, let me rephrase my question:
Does anyone know other alternatives real-time game-engine like, fine-tuned for architecture that can work inside Rhino?

I also found FluidRay, but it works on the same type of rental license.
These rental licenses are not good for personal use because it is very difficult to manage the time especially if you have a regular job and you’re doing extra projects in the weekends or whatever. I will end up paying every month just to test ideas from time to time or work on some images 4 days per month.

Nothing for this directly on the roadmap. Naturally we have seen EEVEE at our office.

A good realtime engine like this would IMO best be integrated with the new realtime SDK, just like Cycles integration is doing.

Good game-like moving around would require improvements to Rhino event handling, although I guess it is already doable with hacks

Thanks for your feedback about Enscape; we are glad you like it.
We have now released Version 2.3 with ArchiCAD support and lots of improved features like adjustable water, high quality screenshots in VR and much more.
You can see what’s new in our latest blog post:
Please feel free to try out the new features.

Concerning your issues regarding the license system: Did you already try out the monthly fixed-seat license? Maybe this could help you.

Johannes from Enscape

Hi Johannes, yes, the monthly license was working fine for a project.


@marketing Hi Johannes,

a few question:

(At the moment I have no license running and so I can’t test some of the old problems anymore. I wished Rhino plugin problems could be better and faster solved. So I stick at testing level most.)


I just now sent the developers some info for getting this to work with v5 as well as with v6. I don’t know if they already incorporated the suggested changes for identifying materials, but they should have all the necessary information now.

Great, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

never heared about enscape before last week. i take a look at their website and so i tried the plugin.
quality is impressive and very very fast. in five minutes you take a render acceptable. never seen nothing similar before seems to be a really definitive solution for architects but i think is unusable for some reasons

  1. impossible to create a lot of material with rhino default mat. editor, for example i tried several time to creare a simple metal without success…what i achieve is a simple material in which i can change the diffuse color, i’m not sure but in “sketchup” they created an own material editor and works fine.

  2. is not enougth integrated in rhino, no viewport rendering,you must manage your settings in a extra windows with a loss of time so unerstand what works and what doesn’t
    what i liked:
    few really important options available and you will understand what you must change in very low time, so good learning curvature, the quality rendering is really good, availlable as plugin for rhino,sketchup and revit

Right, some material effects are impossible like milk glass or metallic car paint with clear finish. But a simple metal you get if you write “metal” in the name of the material.

Since you get a RT feedback at your output window it shouldn’t be such a big problem that there is now material preview or? I would like to get the output within a viewport too, since I’m fighting with the floating output window often.

i tried several times to write metal but unsucessful , i guess due the italian localization of rhino(works only fot water and grass)

another loss
the infinite plane in rhino doen’t work at all, inside enscape, so it’s really impossible at moment use it also as rendering engine for studio rendering for example, due the loss of catch shadows on a support-plane.

Did you set gloss and reflectivity?

Infinite ground for studio shots? Could you not use a soft backround, not flat? Or a big flat surface, maybe a big single quad mesh?

On the other side - for studio shots of design objects the material system is quite limited. Enscape is more an architecture tool.

Hi Micha,

Thank you for your message, it is this kind of valuable feedback that helps us improving Enscape.
Below the answers to your questions:

When can be seen the new Enscape material editor at Rhino?

We are forecasting to integrate the Enscape material editor into Rhino along with V 2.4 which is planned in about 3 to 5 months. But we are still at the very beginning of the preparation phase which makes it difficult to confirm at this stage.

Is the old important material ID color bugs fixed? (Rhino API still reports different materials with different IDs)

We are currently working to use the new Rhino6-API in the Rhino6-Plugin. The material/ID color bug should be solved in Rhino 6.

When are Enscape setups saved to Rhino? The global setup list is growing and more unuseable from week to week.

We are aware of the inconvenience caused by this problem. Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot say when it is going to be solved.

At long distance the interior lighting is destroyed, if clipping planes are used. Is there a chance to get it working? (

Thank you, Micha for letting us know about this.

It’s cumbersome to adjust the camera target for each view (for DOF) - could it be possible to link the Enscape camera to the Rhino camera?

Technically it should be possible, if more users express this need we could think of linking both cameras.

Are the Rhino lens length used for batch render and standalone export now? Without using the lens length per view the batch render function isn’t so useful.

This is currently not implemented but it sounds interesting. Thank you for letting us know.

The camera link is standard at any render package for Rhino. I’m sure no user would like to manual set the focus, if it could be easy done by the saved view. During a project I rendered dozen of views and for each I need to adjust the lens length. This was a lot of extra work.

Often I need to render interior views - different lens length are need for different sized rooms and lens effects. It’s a pity that all views needs to be manual rendered and the batch render doesn’t work. And if I send standalones to my client, than it’s a pity that only one lens length can be used for the PC screen VR presentation.

Still hoping to see this features in not so long time. :wink:

Does enscape support IES in someway?
a trick to make work ies inside rhino?

Enscape is using the Rhino render UI only and there is no IES parameter to set. So, we can’t use IES.

I saw In SketchUp, they introduced an own pop-up to manage ligths and load ies file to perform illumination, why not in Rhino? It s a shame

My impression is the simple answer is - the team hasn’t enough resources. I had dozen of ideas for needed features (and bug fixes) based on more than 10 years pro rendering per Rhino, but … I try to be patient.