New v1.21.8904.29048 breaks built-in parameter picker component

Just installed new RiR v1.21.8904.29048, sadly I pushed this to the office already and may need to revert until a fix comes.

So far only found this with the Built-in Parameter picker component
Built-In Parameters (Parameters]
An exception was thrown during a solution:
Component: Built-In Parameters
-_UUID: ebb319b4-b202-46bd-96c6-a67e4b64d3c8
c_POS: (X=125. Y=140.5} parameter Typeld
Parameter name: The argument does not identify a built-in parameter.

this is with
Rhino 7.35.23346.11001
RiR 1.21.8904.29048
Revit 2024

Currently, going to revert to former build of 1.20 for RiR, just wanted to pass this along, I really appreciate the team and the entire Rhino.Inside technology. gets better by the day.

That was fixed recently, I believe 1.22.8906.14842.msi should have it incorporated.

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oh dang it wasn’t the latest, that’s what i get for just clicking the download button from within revit and not going to the source. thanks!

ok so i’m not totally out of it this is the download page:
Screenshot 2024-05-24 090902

cool, so this 1.22 is a new daily build not yet released officially?

In the options for Rhino.Inside.Revit (on the Revit Ribbon) you can select the release you want. In this case i linked the Service Release Candidate

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