New user Inquiry regarding workflow

Hi experts, I have a question:
Does RhinoInside workflow can work on both ways for one element?
A case I’m trying to achieve but didn’t find a solution yet:

  1. I modeled a wall in Revit, I use grasshopper to display the wall in Rhino.
  2. Now, I changed the wall length in Revit, I want to see the length update in Rhino.(work well)
  3. Then I go to change the width of the same wall in Rhino, and I want to see the update of wall width in Revit.(not working)
    Is there any way to make it work? Thanks!

They are working on some persistent features where there would be more of a back and forth.

One thing you will want to consider in your example is how a Revit Wall is created, not only by the user but programmatically & what of that information can be translated from a rhino Brep/UserData.

A ‘wall’ in Rhino isn’t going to have justification, hold radius information or have automatically updated userdata of such items.

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