New UI - Dark mode - final (colour) adjustments?

I would like to now if it is possible to make some final appearance issues for the new UI. For instance, the options window still shows in bright colours. I also think it is a weird choice that the active window widget in the bottom left corner uses Window colour 1 for inactive and Window colour 2 for active (perspective in this case). That makes it hard to properly differentiate between the two if you want a muted colour scheme.

The checkboxes cannot be altered in appearance. Take a look at Blender, where you can make enabled checkboxes with a highlight colour or a muted colour.

In Blender, you can also have a black bar for the application windows, depending on the colour theme. In Rhino, they remain white. It may also be nice to have alternating rows of lighter and darker colours for the layers panel, like in Blender’s outliner. Would make for better visual differentiation between layers.

Apart from that, I’m pretty happy with the new interface I made, appearance wise.

I also noticed that the text disabled colour influences parts of the UI that are not necessary disabled buttons, such as the outlines for layer colour and material:

Moreover, if I hide the outline layer, there’s no telling that there are actually buttons in the layer panel to make a layer the current layer (see left-most collumn). This needs to be addressed as well.

Hoi -

On the list as RH-72475 Dark Mode: No dark mode version of the Options dialog

RH-72477 Dark Mode: Background color of inactive checkboxes

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Thanks for adding the checkboxes to the list @wim!
What about the inactive text affecting the material and layer colour outlines? Is that also something that could still be addressed?

Is there any thought to making the viewports automatically go dark for Dark mode as well? I know that we can change this ourselves in the Options, I was simply surprised to see the same light grey background and grid when I switched to dark mode.

Could it automatically go dark like one in @Intuos first screenshot? Or something like this?

It might be due to the default layer colours, because with a dark mode, you cannot choose one of the darker greys. I guess McNeel kept the medium grey as it is more flexible in that sense. Though I was suprised to see it as well.