New: TerrainMesh plugin (in alpha/beta)

Av, yes, I will try to find the time to publish a new build today.
Thanks for the reminder!

Update: there is a small change made to the latest SR that I need to sort out first, so the plugin don’t work right now. I hope to have it solved by Monday.

Hi, any updates on this?

Hi, no, they changed how stuff works in the latest SR and I have not figured out how to work around it just yet… I guess it will be fixed as soon as vacation is over.

Hi guys, @Fredx
I made a workaround for TerrainMesh to work in the latest SR’s.
I don’t fully know how this works now so please SAVE FIRST before trying it out.
It should work just as well as the old version, so please let me know if there are any issues!

This is version 0.22 and expires on the 30th of September.

-removed- scroll down to find the newest build!

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Moin Holo

thanks for the update. Hopefully Mc Neel would not change every SR the API code in the future.


Well, they changed it because I requested an update, so I can’t really complain too much :wink:

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Hello Holo,
searching for some robust terrain meshing algorithms for Rhino I found this thread and wanted to give your plugin a spin. Any chance you could post an updated version? The last one available on the forums expired a week ago…


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I’ll try to sqeeze in time for this tomorrow!

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New build, fixed a few minor bugs so PLEASE report all kinds of issues, and it would be great to see some examples from your use.

Build 0.23 expires 30.11.2019 so have fun!

-removed- scroll down to find the newest build!

One of the things I like with it is that it generates a mesh even if you throw overlapping and intersecting curves at it, like here where the road curves and the height curves don’t line up:

On this example I used 0.3 (meters) as tolerance (=one foot) and then reduced the mesh by 75% afterwards to get a light yet sharp mesh.



Hi Holo,

I found it crashed when dealing with large terrains recently. What is your opinion on the maximum processing limit of this tool?(numbers of curves or area?)



Hi, i noticed a strange bug today too, so it would be nice to see if it is the same thing (I changed some code lately)
Could you share the file that crashes with me?

I’ve found that this new release is actually crashing whenever I try even simple operations. I just tried creating a mesh between two contours and it crashed, so I don’t think it has anything to do with large terrains.

Thanks. Try hitting ESC and try immediately again, if that works then we are seeing the same thing.

I wasn’t able to ESC out…maybe I am having a different issue than you.

Hey man, I ran the plugin many times with no problems yesterday, so could you check what SR you are on? There were made some changes in the previous SR that was changed back again on the current one. (So you need the newest SR)

Updating to the current SR fixed it. Thank you!

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Excellent, have you tested it enough to confirm it’s stability?