New: TerrainMesh plugin (in alpha/beta)

Sweet! That is just awesome and makes me happy to hear!
And of course you will be able to purchase it, but I have not thought of a price yet. Until then I will release betas so you can continue to use it.

Awesome, thank you! My students are so thankful - this has really made things possible that otherwise would be too difficult for them to pursue in Rhino.

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@Pascal I would like to remove the link to the old files in the thread so only the latest download version is available. (Or preferably I would like to keep on editing the initial post and have the link only there) but the edit options on the older posts are gone. Are there anything I can do to fix that? It would be annoying for people to download the link from the first post only to discover that it is expired)

Hmmm - let me check…

@Holo I can edit the post but I do not yet see a way to open it up for you - still poking…


Excellent! If you have any wishes or ideas for improvement then please come with them and I’ll try to implement it.

OK, thanks. I guess it would be better for the future to link to an off site address if they can’t be edited. Or wish for a link manager so the initial link content could be edited.

Yep - for now, would you like me to say something like ‘look farther down the thread for the latest link’?

@Holo - is that OK now?


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That would be perfect, thanks and I’ll remember to do that in the future!
@Pascal yeah, that’s perfect! Thanks man!

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Hi guys,
here is a new file that exipres January 30th 2019.

TerrainMesh.rhp (15 KB)

New in this build is that it estimates the number of vertices in the final mesh for the default value 1 unit.

Which was not too far off from the final result:


So if you use max distance = 10 then divide by 10,
and if you use max distance = 0.2 then divide by 0.2
and you’ll have a good heads up for a ball park figure of the mesh density.

Have fun and PLEASE share all good and bad experiences with this build.


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The estimate was very close to the result! Nice work!

Are there any new beta versions available since this one expired? My students continue to love it.

Oh, my bad! I use an internal build with no limit, so I forgot :smile:
I’ll fix a new one tomorrow, is that OK?

Hi guys, here is the latest version.

I added a boundry curve calculation to the mesh since I sometimes got some odd results.

Test it out to see if it works for you. I’ll add an option for this boundry if needed. (That calculation adds a second or two to the processing)

Scratch that… It went from 1 to 40 seconds on a large test file. I’ll revisit that solution soon, so I’ll upload a new version in a minute.

Here is the replacement:
TerrainMesh.rhp (18 KB)

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Hey @Holo
Does your product have anything to do with the Blender Terrain Mesh that’s out there?

Are there any videos on it?

Nope, this is just a simple tool that makes a mesh from points and curves, similar to meshpatch, but it breaks down the curves differently, avoids crashes on duplicate points etc.

And the main goal was to make a tool that quickly would generate a terrain (Since Rhino Terrain wasn’t ready for Rhino 6 yet) that would be robust and deliver a result even with wonky, overlapping curves:

Here with 0.5 meter setting:

And here with a 10 meter setting:

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Sounds great. :grinning:Going to try it!

This are becoming a big tool.
I will wait for the “StampTool” attached to this plugin so we can stamp highways, roads, buildings over terrain …

Hi, I’m happy that it works OK for you :slight_smile:
Can you explain with an example how you envision the stamp tool? What would it need to be successful for you?

Holo your are very successful and an strong person. Some one u dedicates to build a script from the beginning is something. You can not forget that.

what i men to say was: You terrainMesh plugin is gone a be a winner. But i think it will be a more complete plugin if you can add the options to stamp roads, curved roads, buildings, etc over terrain. I made a quick example in sketchup as this software have the ability to build the difference between terrain and all the objects that will be above it.
Here is an youtube video to show what i meant to say. (sketchup plugin name Instant Road)


Moin Holo

TerrainMesh 1 Beta v0.20 Expired: 2019-6-30

will their be an update?


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