New System for Rhino 6 and Vray3.6



Hi rhino community,

i want to setup a new system for rhino 6 and vray3.6
any adiveces for the hardware ?

i was thinking about going for a threadripper 1950X.

what about the gpu ? amd fire or nvidia quadro 4000 or 1080GTX?
i also do alot in bricscad so iwas thinking about going for a workstation card.

please help me out a little bit to get a good machine worth the money spent on !

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

There is a vray benchmark with results from.users

(Travis Serio) #3

A 1950x and 1080 would be a fantastic option for v6 and V-Ray 3.0.


Hi Travis.,

so you would go with the 1080?

(Travis Serio) #5

I would for my own needs but you may be working on some models where the Quadro may give an advantage. The 1080 is a solid choice though. V-ray screams super fast with a Threadripper too!