RhinoPolyhedra for Rhino 6 Available

RhinoPolyhedra for Rhino lets you create and visualize a variety of polyhedral shapes. Over 630 different shapes!

What’s new:

  • The project has been completely rewritten to run in both Rhino 6 for Windows and Rhino 6 for Mac WIP.
  • The project now includes support for Grasshopper. You’ll find the components on the Mesh toolbar under Polyhedron.
  • The Polyhedron command now creates ~635 shapes.
  • The Polyhedron command now outputs meshes (n-gons) or curves, in addition to surfaces and polysurfaces.

RhinoPolyhedra is free!

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Posted Sep 27, 2018 by Dale Fugier on Rhino News, etc.