New quotation style for isometric piping and other

I would like to inform you that for me, in rhino, I am missing a style of quotation as in autocad, the “oblique” quotation. ideal for dimensioning an iso piping schematics, with oblique text also…
I hope it will be possible in future versions of rhino, rhino is a real alternative to autocad for me, and I will soon move to rhino 7 !
thank you very much !!!


By combining the following Cplane from an object and aligned dimensions you can draw dimensions in 3D.
There is also an option for upside down texts to be flipped to always be visible.
There is also an option so that all dimension texts are always horizontal.
If that doesn’t fit, can you describe what the oblique dimensions would do in addition?

And if you want to display a cavalier perspective view (parallel isometric perspective) an option is available in the view property window
Use the line tool by switching between the Vertical option on and off to draw your wireframe piping diagram in the parallel perspective view

You can activate this display mode also with the Isometric command: