Isometric, what is the meaning of this option? :confused:

Isometric projection:


I already read the Help :slightly_smiling_face:, but just did not really understand. And Wikipedia is a completely different matter

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In real life 3d oblects (perspective view) the far side objects look smaller. e.g. take a look at a flat far, or really long parallelepiped. Position it such that you look from one of the corners. Now, the far side has dimentions exactly as the front but it looks smaller. In Isometric (parallel view) far side has the same, apparent, size as the front one.

in rhino isometric view, which can’t to take a dimension announcement on the layout, like the plan view

Isometric command in Rhino sets a viewport to an isometric projection as described in the Wikipedia article on Isometric projection.

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The Isometric command in Rhino is probably most useful for creating an isometric projection view which can then be output as a 2D isometric drawing.

I already understood, thanks!