New project inches large yet see fractions when distance display says decimal

I want inches decimal for a new project.

makes working with inches on a calculator easy !

go New project, select inches large , drag out a dimension and see fractions. oh dear :frowning:
Look at properties > Units and it has decimal selected for Distance Display. so cant select decimal there as its already decimal.


Document Properties > Annotation > Dimensions
Inch Fractional is the default dimension style (which doesn’t really have anything to do with distance display as such). Just set it to Inch Decimal and you’re done.

[Or, in the Dimension command, on the command line, click on style and pick Inch Decimal].

I now have decimal inches, though I expected to see it as per my mm setup, which is every tenth line darker, so I see 1cm darker and 1mm lighter
I was hoping for every tenth line darker for inch, and the lighter ones 0.1 inch.
Any easy way to get my existing line thickness and colour allocated as such ?


Yep, you can set up template files anyway you like - see Help on Template files, and Document Properties > Grid page, and Options > Appearance >Colors. Note application options are not file specific of course.


FWIW, @pascal, I suppose it would make sense to have the decimal template default to decimal dimensions and a decimal grid spacing – as opposed to fractional inches having fractional dimensions and 12th-spacing grid.

Steve, Just like the dimension styles, the grid spacing is a document property and is set under Document Properties > Grid > Grid properties > Major lines every:

@wim - there are a few related items to sort out for V6 - thanks for the reminder, I’ll see if I can gather them together and make something sensible happen. One problem is decimal in a feet template, I guess - you_ might_ still want 12th grid spacing on feet, presumably, even though it’s weird, so that you can see inches. Maybe not…


If when one chose decimal inches it gave a default grid of light lines 1/10 and darker lines 1inch, or fractional light for 1/16 increments and darker 1inch, (with combo box of 1/32 or 1/16 or 1/8 or 1/4) I would be a happy bunny, but I guess thats beyond coding.