New file inches sees imperial grid and decimal units

I will be working in decimal inches, I create a new file and choose small object inches.
properties shows units as decimal inches yet the grid is imperial.
Surely by default the grid should suit the units ?

What quick way is there of getting decimal grid, and making it do so by default ?



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gloves for supermarkets and public places. Ideally goggles as well.

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Hi Steve,

Create a new empty document.

Go to Tools>Options>Grid and set the Minor Grid to 0.1 and Major Lines to10 (or whatever you want). Maybe change the snap spacing to suit, too.

Go to Tools>Options>Units and set Model Units to Inches and Distance Display to Decimal.

You might want to change the Layers to something you’d like in all your documents too. And add some cute dimension styles perhaps.

Then when you have everything to your liking go to File>Save as Template… and save as Steve’s Decimal Inches or whatever.


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It would be nice to have the default offering of grid matches units, but I have now a template, and I see it is added to the normal list ofered as I saved it to C drive, I always save all files to D, so then made a copy there as well, as if ever C needs reinstalling from backup I can replace it afterwards.

I am treating this ‘plague’ with respect, it doesnt take prisoners, to go out and risk it, then wonder for 2 weeks if it got me, no way, sod others their problem if they want to risk it, I am playing safe, so I can go to their funerals, ooops cant do that.