How can I toggle between inch fractional and decimal?

I see I have been using inch fractional but at the momentnI am measuring in Inch decimal, so need to change all inch fractional to decimal.

later on I may need to go back to fractional

  1. Can rhino display both fractional and decimal at same time ?
  2. how do I change all dimensions currently inch fractional to inch decimal in one go ?


1 - Not easily, no.
2 - Change the named annotation style the existing dimensions belong to.

I think what John means here is that you could just use an additional set of dimensions in the alternate style. Having them on separate layers means you could switch between them at will via layer selection. If you would like to show them both at the same time just turn on both layers, but you would probably need to take care when adding the dimensions that they don’t overlap.

On the other hand I don’t think there’s any way to have the text two different ways using the same leader lines.

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Hi @Steve1,

Actually it is easy, if this what you want:

Create a new dimension style, copying the inch fractional style and edit it to turn on Alternate text with the following settings:

Then set this as the current dimension style for as long as you want to show both units.

Obviously you can tweak the style to add units and you can even mix imperial and metric:

Illustrations from R5, similar in R6.


FYI guys, see my reply to Steve :sunglasses:

Thanks, Jeremy! I guess you can tell I’ve never had the occasion to do this and I haven’t kept up with ALL the dimensioning improvements since early versions.

Hi Jeremy, many thanks,
sorry fell asleep for two years !
thats just what I need and you say one can have inch decimal and cm in the .

perfick :slight_smile:

I have cloned inch decimal and added fractional for my purpose.
however if I dont alter default precision value in that sector to 1.000000 for 7’ 4 3/8" I get just 135, .

Also is it possible to get 7’ 4.38 [7’ 4 3/8" ] showing ?


No, you cannot get decimal fractions in feet and inches (but you can in inches, e.g. 88.38).