New mesh boolean

I’ve been doing some messy mesh booleans recently using the new mesh cutter. I made this thread thinking that something had changed because I started getting open meshes. Not true, I guess i’ve been getting them for a while. If a failing mesh boolean is helpful, here’s one!

original post

Did something change recently with the new mesh boolean intersector or maybe Mesh NGons? I’ve been having plenty of fun with mesh booleans and shrinkwrap through grasshopper for a few months and they’ve been great at outputting closed meshes.

Sometime recently I started getting open meshes, but I can’t explain why. I’m not very careful with my workflows so I don’t have an older version of the file to lean back on and check. Attached is an example. If this mesh is too busy, I can try and reproduce it with a simpler example.

The hex cylinder is to be MeshBooleanDifference’d from the larger node to make a socket like the other six sockets. It results in an open mesh and an error “Original face index orig_fi is out of range”.

Mesh Node Boolean.3dm (824.1 KB)

I don’t see that with the current build I installed last night.