Rhino WIP: Activated new mesh Booleans

Hi all

just a heads-up – we swapped all MeshBoolean commands to the new intersector in Rhino WIP.
Please be on the lookout for any strange behavior or crashes. If you notice them, please let me know.

All old commands are still available with the +old suffix. Grasshopper functions are unaffected.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates


Hi @piac,

Perhaps a dumb question but where can we find this “new intersector”? There’s no intersector command. And how does this work? 1 Command replaces all the meshboolean commands? Kind of like CurveBoolean?
More info on the difference between the two could be nice to have

Hi @siemen ,

I think the “mesh intersector” is a new engine under the hood. The command names are the same as before.


Hi @piac,

I have a model where the old MeshBooleanSplit works but doesn’t with the new one. Where should I send it? The model is classified.

You can send it to: Rhino - Upload to Support and you can use my address if you want: scottd@mcneel.com. I can work with @piac to get it fixed.

Currently we are tracking around 42 files with various issues. We have identified a couple patterns that used to work, that now do not. You file would be helpful.

Yes, currently these are the commands using the new code:


Thanks for the file. We will get it fixed as soon as we can.

For reference, the single mesh surface as a cutter is the current trouble. If that surface was part of a box that enclosed half the model, then MeshBooleanSplit can still be used and will result in the correct split. Perhaps in the short run that will help as a workaround?

I can send you the results of my testing if you need.

Here is an illustration of the problem with a different model.

This will be a problem at this time:

This will work: