Move hole and other boolean problems

I’ve been witnessing a few boolean problems on simple shapes. _BooleanDifference seems to be playing up a bit… It keeps joining things into one body but _Boolean2Objects seems to sort it.

The other thing which is perplexing is _MoveHole seems to bring the opening of the hole to the planer surface it’s being moved on. This error doesn’t occur in V5.

It’s an imported client sketchup file.



Hole.3dm (86.1 KB)

Hi Andy - sorry, I am being dense about both of these… can you post a Boolean example? MoveHole seems OK here in your file but I may be doing wrong for what you want. I can move the round hole and then move it back to center on the cross-hairs - it seems correct to me…


Hi Pascal,

Not sure what it was. Even after closing V6 down opening that section again it would return the same errors. Whenever I moved the hole it would create single face in effect losing the hole entirely but the open cylinder would be underneath, I could trim out the face using the cylinder.

With the _BooleanDifference it would fuse the two parts together rather than subtract one form the other. I’ve had that error in the past due to a poor model but this one was pretty simple by comparison.

WIP has updated and it seems to be OK now.