New linetype gets reset

Hi there,

I am having trouble with linetypes in Rhino 7.
Everytime I create a linetype in the ‘Properties’ settings and click ok. It doesn’t appear as what I have set it to be.
When I go back to the settings the new linetype got reset (I need a 3,5/3,5 dashed line and it is reset to 1,0/1,0)
In Rhino 6 it works fine. I have the latest Update installed.

Am I the only one with this problem?


I am an idiot. The last thread covers this topic. I will move there.
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Ok, maybe I was too quick. There is no solution to be found.
Anyways, the existing linetype definitions work in a weird way which is were I think the problem lays.
They look like this for a dashed line, for example: 2,00, 2,00
It uses a comma for seperating the length definitions as well as the decimal numbers.

I have a German Windows 10 version and want to use the English Rhino.

That’s wrong, the decimals need a period, not a comma… the individual numbers are separated by commas.

That’s my thought. But this is how Rhino is setup…
see screenshot
This is the “Hidden” linetype that is standard to Rhino

OK, that’s where the bug is, but apparently the McNeel guys haven’t been able to reproduce it. @pascal, maybe someone on your end can see what is different about Bernhard’s system that allows this to happen?

My viewports also have the German labels instead of the English even though I reinstalled without the German language.

@Daniel_Wunsch - can you reproduce this one? - incorrect line types with English Rhino 7 on German Windows - note the commas used in the definitions, and the gaps are ignored.


This is a known and reported (but not yet fixed) Bug.
We have a workaround for this:
Please go to:
Options > Advanced
and disable Rhino.DocumentProperties.Options.UseEtoLinetypePage.
Restart Rhino.
Does this help?
Sorry for your inconveniences!
(@bernhard.hofinger )

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yes! perfect