Linetypes cannot be edited

I have similar problems. What ever i enter as a linetype pattern, it jumps back to 1,0 after closing and reopening the options dialog.

Maybe its a localization issue, i noticed that for example the official Dashed pattern is: 5,00, 5,00

Notice the comma as decimal place, IMO it should be 5.00, 5.00

I am using Windows 10 german and Rhino 7 English.

Also it fails to import acad.lin - it imports, but when i close the options window and reopen it, the imported linetypes are gone.

I also managed to get Rhino into a non-responsive state by playing around with the linetype pattern a few times.

Another thing i noticed, if i copy for example the Dashed linetype, the pattern is messed up, it reads: 5,00, 0,00, 0,00, 0,00, 5,00, 0,00, 0,00, 0,00

Looks like a bug to me.

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Ah, that could well be the cause of the problem. I am running an English Windows (comma as separator, period as decimal), I do not see this happening here even running Rhino in German.

When I was using Rhino 7 with two languages installed that caused strange things happening ( part of the program was shown in english and part in german ).
Now I´m using German the Installation without the english language pack installes and have the same Problem, that Linetype olways jumps back to 1,00 after leaving the Linetype menue… it simply does not save the changes I make to the linetype… real problem for me… really might be an internal problem wit “.” and “,” in the units…
U say that the problem does not appear in the english version ( I would then switch to the native english version in future ) ?!

I was referring to your Windows language/region, not Rhino. Here I have English, French and German installed in Rhino and I cannot reproduce the problem in any of them. But my OS is Windows running in English.

Yes, I am using a german windows OS version

When I upgraded from Rhino6 to Rhino7 I had problems with the linetype menue… then it was fixed ( not sure if it was by update or by changing language pack / operating system was always the same )… Now after Installing Windowsupdates and updating Rhino the Linetype-menue is not working again…

Today I just opened a File in which I had my own linetypes ( I also used a rhino 6 version with own linetypes in the meantime ) and now I can change them again in the format " 2.00, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00 " and I can safe them … strange behaviour … Seems like there really is a bug inside, may be it has to do wirh that Windows-Localization or the Language pack of Rhino… ( remember I had some strange language mash up in the menues ) … Yesterday I tried to solve the problem for over an hour and didn´t solve it and now it´s just working fine again… I don´t know why… just strange … Best Regards - Matthias

Mine is still completely bugged.

Hello everybody,
same happening here, tried from a new clean file also… but cannot create a new hidden patter, i can see the line properly in the preview inside rhino option, using both “comma” and “point” ( 1,00.1,00 ), but when i close the properties, it reverts everything to 1,00
Hope you can solve it in some way…

This needs to be the opposite in fact, the linetype is specified as 1.00,1.00 not 1,00.1,00

I just fired up my Windows 10 machine that has multilanguages installed in Windows, switching to a German user (Windows in German) and a Rhino in German, I still cannot reproduce the problem.

@Bruno_Gasparini - is this sorted out or still happening for you?


Hi Pascal, just tried, and now everything seems to be ok, thanks, now I’m able to create any lines.

@helvetosaur: yes sorry, was sleepy and wrote wrongly; it wasn’t the problem, i tried anyway in both way, also switching to english and Italian ( I prefer to use both operative system and programs in English) in fact in the preview the line were ok…just it reverted everything to 1.00 when closed. Anyway, now it works properly
Thanks everyone

How where you able to fix it? What have you actually changed or did it just happen?
I am still encountering this problem.

Hi, to me, seemed to be fixed installing the last update…Now is working properly.

Hmm ok, maybe there is a new one. I thought I updated recently.

Bump. This bug is present for me. Cannot edit certain custom linetypes. R7 SR12 7.12.21292