New Layer feature request

I’ve been asking for this feature for years in Rhino, but just now as I was my monthly attempt to use mac Rhino, I had the the thought that perhaps feature requests could be more easily met in a less entrenched software environment.

My request: New layers are new random colors. Like Illustrator. This could be turned off and on as a toggle feature.

that is all.

Hi Ath,

I thought your request would make for an interesting little coding challenge. I also thought it would actually be pretty useful, since I also find myself constantly creating new layers and immediately changing their color to something, well, random! :slight_smile:

I wrote the following ‘toggle’ plugin which let’s you do exactly that. It is for the Windows version of Rhino.

Just drag and drop the plugin onto Rhino window and toggle functionality on and off by typing NewLayerRandomColor command.


NewLayerRandomColor.rhp (8.5 KB)