New in Rhino 7 : Block Attributes

The hopes and dreams for blocks in Rhino could fill an olympic swimming pool, but I can’t remember anyone asking for that kind of gimmick.

What’s up next ? Blinking shading ? Strawberry-scented blocks ?

are you kidding me. i can finally have a functioning titleblock template.

That was needed all right, but nothing that couldn’t be done easily with a little script or some Grasshopper magic :

with Human or Elefront or Heteroptera components and the User text Key/value system, one can do exactly the same ; even better if you push it with Human UI.

This is just bells and whistles mascarading as a new feature when in fact Blocks need some heavy lifting (See what I did there ?).

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Hi Olivier -

One can always debate priorities. And the debate will never end.
But strawberry-scented blocks? Not likely.

…specially if you guys keep ignoring user requests.
This fancy “new” block feature of yours really shows how out of touch you are with users.

Apart from title blocks which shouldn’t be blocks but a specific entity type which is missing in Rhino as much as tables (read BOM), this is completely useless.
Since blocks in Rhino are not parametric, there is no sense in nagging the user to input special info on specific block instances.

A more wide-sweeping tool would be necessary to filter instances and change attributes on large selection sets.

To take the example in your fancy-pants illustration : who would fill in specific data bolt by bolt in a mechanical assembly ? Nonsense. This is typical of folks who have never been in a production environment.

If you want some easy-to-code-but-actually-useful stuff, just check this out.


I fully agree. When I read ‘block attributes’ and saw the example, I thought configurable blocks had been added. I couldn’t be more wrong. This is nothing more than a gimmick sold as a new feature, while all we want and need in the first place (as in before adding new stuff) is to have all the pesky bugs with blocks to be resolved. But it seems the more we complain the less we get.


I created this post about block management in Grasshopper, since it seems to be our only hope.

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