New Block Attribute Export command

There is a new command in the Rhino 8 WIP for you to try.

Before this command, extracting block attribute values for analysis might have been done with a script, Grasshopper with Elefront or you may have even exported DWG and used AutoCAD.

Here is how you can use the command.

  1. Download a Rhino 8 WIP (Windows or Mac) dated March 15, 2022 or later.

  2. You can preselect blocks with commands SelBlockInstance or SelBlockInstanceNamed.

  3. Start the command.
    Command: TestExportBlockAttributes

  4. Use the preselected block or select blocks with attributes to export

  5. Check the Block Attributes to Export

  6. Pick name and location for CSV file.

  7. Open CSV file in Excel, Google sheets or other program for analysis or formatting.

  8. Return the table to Rhino by printing your your spread sheet to PDF and importing your PDF to Rhino. The data is not linked, but the table layout is maintained.

We are sure there will be suggestions to make this more powerful.
But it is a place to start. Let us know if it works for you.

Mary Ann Fugier