New Grasshopper 2-alpha

A new Grasshopper 2.a version is going out today. It contains a bunch of new components and fixes (most crucially fixes to the Preset Picker, which would not correctly reinstate itself during file open).

This new version is linked to Rhino 8.7, however there are a few components which will not work unless you install a fairly recent pre-release. These include the Voronoi and Constrained Meshing components:

Also the interior of the new Region type will not include the stippling in the viewport display:

It should still work on Rhino 8.7, just without the stipples.


I’ve been trying GH2 every now and then after new releases, but haven’t found a component similar to Deconstruct Brep. It is one of the most fundamental things in many of my workflows, but probably not implemented yet?

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